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  "Life is a journey - go "gayly" forward and you will find the path to happiness!"


Hello - and welcome to my corner of the internet!

This site was originally designed to support my small business - neware.com - that provided accounting and business service to the SOHO sector. However, I put that business on hold in 1998, so this is now simply a personal site - to share things and showcase some of my work, pictures, et cetera.

About Me

This is my site site - so of course it is all about me!

Seriously, I am a Canadian by birth, but I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. I moved to the US in 1998 and have lived in Detroiit, Michigan and Boston, Massachusetts before moving here in 2004. I grew up in Ottawa, Canada - where the rest of my family still live. I also lived for ten years in Toronto, Canada before moving to the US.

I currently work for a marketing managment software maker - Unica Corporation - as a Business Solutions Consultant - Innovation Services. I am pretty lucky as I love the work that I do - it is challenging but fun and offers lots of variety. Prior to moving to the US I worked in the banking and accounting fields.

I am a proud alumni of Queen's University at Kinston, Ontario where I graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons). I also hold a diploma in Applied Information Technology from ITI - Information Technology Institute.

If you would like to know more about my background, skills or interests, please see my resume.